Luchian Visconti (Blue) Button Down Shirt

Luchian Visconti (39116 - Blue) Button Down Shirt

SKU: LV-Shirt-39116-Blue

Luchiano Visconti button down shirts hits it on the nail when it comes to what a modern man wants.  A modern man wants fashions that’s new and styles that stand the test of time.  Each and every Luchiano Visconti Sports Shirt is designed with an intricate knowledge of fashion, fabric, pattern, and how to combine each and every aspect together to make each and every piece new, unique and freshly appealing to the eye.  Each shirt features subtle but meaningful details.  The button-down collar is standard for their shirt, keeping every shirt collar neat and precise in appearance.  


The contrast inserts at the side bottom edge of the shirt is simple, but elegant, and most often coordinates with the inner cuff trim, creating the essence of quality button down sports shirt for men. 


  • Brand: Luchiano Visconti.  
  • Style: 39116.  
  • Color: Blue.  
  • 67% Cotton, 33% Modal.  
  • Contrast inner cuff detailing/trim.  
  • Contras inner collar band detailing/trim.  
  • Contrast inserts bottom side edge of shirt.  
  • Button Down collar.  
  • Made in Turkey.