Jose Real (Brown) Jagged White Sole, Italian Shoe

Jose Real (H673 - Brown) Jagged White Sole, Italian Shoe

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  • Brand: Jose Real
  • Style: H673
  • Color: Brown
  • Made in Italy
  • Jagged White Sole
    • Red trim on sole to match red laces
  • Very contemporary shoe
  • Excellent for all your business casual affairs
  • Excellent with jeans, button down shirts, and blazers
Shoe Size
  • Jose Real Shoes are cut slightly large, so if you are not familiar, and do not know your size in their shoes.  Suggestion is to size half a size down, or wear an added insole to snug up the extra space.  If half a size down is not avialabe, adding an insole is suggested.  If you have feet that's on the wider side, getting actual size is suggested.  


    Everyone's feet is different, and for that reason, this suggestion might not hold true in every instance.