Cigar Couture Button Down Shirt "Orange"

Cigar Couture Button Down Shirt (S-8801) "Orange"

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Cigar Couture


Cigar Couture has created a lane of its own, as they have created fine men's apparel at a reasonable rate.  Some of the styles and features you find in the higher-end men’s apparel brands can be found in their garments.  This elegant floral pattern shirt features turquois inner cuff trim.  The inner collar band features the same turquoise trim as the uinner cuffs.  Light weight cotton that’s breathable for the summer.  You can wear the shirt as it is, or roll up the cuffs and show off its contemporary style.  


  • Cigar couture
  • 100% Cotton
  • Style: S-8801
  • Color: Orange