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Visit our Iconic Online Store for the Top Collection of Oxford Dress Shoes

Oxford shoes are elegant and make the gentleman wearing them look sophisticated. Those wearing tan shoes with black socks and jeans will look as presentable as the combination worn with a suit. It’s the magic of finely polished Oxford shoes! We’re so fond of Oxford shoes that we’ve collected the best designs from Europe and America. You’ll find our vast exotic collection at the online store solely with us. To show our gratitude to shoppers, we‘ve dropped the price of many designs. People visiting our online store will discover that they can buy a pair of beautifully crafted exotic Oxford dress shoes with us at the same price as plain black Oxford shoes anywhere else online.

Have you seen our exotic Oxford shoes?

If you’ve been perusing various online magazines and online stores looking for that perfect pair of Oxford shoes, you’ll walk away with a couple from our extensive hand-picked collection. Our selection not only has classic designs but some retro ones too. We have calf and cow leather plus caiman, lizard, ostrich, and alligator leather shoes in our collection.

Specific characteristics define Oxford shoes – closed laces, low heels, and exposed ankles. If you love collecting socks, these are the perfect shoes to wear some of your favorites. Among many Oxford shoe styles, here are some popular ones:

Classic – This plain-toe style is more formal than other Oxford dress shoe designs. They have minimal detailing and no cap on the toe. When you buy men’s suits online from us, consider dark brown or black Oxfords for formal occasions.

• Cap-toe – Named after the strip of leather stitched over the toe box, which creates a ‘cap.’ These are ideal for work attire (chinos and a blazer) and other events for which you will wear smart casual apparel.

• Wingtip – Also referred to as ‘brogue Oxfords’ because of their decorative perforations (broguing.) This design has wingtips extending along the shoe’s side, followed by a pointed toe cap in a W or M shape. Wear them for partying or networking events.

• Whole-cut – These are crafted from a whole, single-cut of leather. It is an excellent option for both formal and casual wear.

Final thoughts

If you are ready to buy men’s suits online, you know the perfect footwear style for every occasion – Oxford shoes. Dolce Vita Fashion’s online Oxford dress shoes are available in various contemporary colors. Some of our best Oxford shoes are in double colors and add a lot of personality to anything you wear with them.

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