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Here’s What You Need to Know About Men’s Handcrafted Wingtip Oxfords Shoes

The prominent ‘full brogue’ becomes the ‘wingtip’ over the Atlantic. Both terms refer to a shoe with a leather ‘W’ at the toe that echoes a bird viewed mid-beat, as our common phrase does not imply. At the tips of your shoes, a pair of wings. Wingtips. Thank you, Hemingway’s homeland.

We prefer ‘wingtip’ not only because of its poetic value. In addition, the phrase provides some much-needed specificity. Interlocking and often contradicting definitions abound in men’s footwear styles. Broguing, for example, is a term that technically only refers to the holes punched in the toes, but it is frequently used to apply to any shoe with elaboration. Similarly, wingtips without broguing are feasible to find - a smooth toe cap with that sweep of leather toward the heel.

It’s a lot easier to put them on than it is to take them off. Wingtips must be the most versatile shoe ever, despite being a conventional style.

Detailing is where the devil is. Wingtips are a little more casual than standard lace-ups, thanks to their added texture, so they’ll look great with dark jeans as well as a suit. They used to, and still do, look great with Oxford bags, but today they look just as nice with skinny jeans. So, if you haven’t already, consider buying men’s wingtip oxford shoes by Ugo Vasare.

The Different Wingtip Shoe Types

Wingtips nowadays are a far cry from bog waders. They’ve become a wardrobe standard and have been twisted into new and occasionally unrecognizable shapes, as befits any male staple.

  • Classic wingtips

As with any leather shoe, black is the most formal, followed by browns ranging from light to dark, and finally colors. The same may be said for detailing; less is more versatile, but detailed broguing or unusual leathers are not appropriate for smart ensembles.

  • Longwings

The wingtip has a relative whose distinguishing feature is only seen from behind. “On a typical wingtip, the wing runs up the side of the shoe and sinks into the sole approximately halfway down,” Little explains. “On a longwing, the wing runs the length of the shoe, from front to back.”

  • Austerity brogues

These are wingtips with no broguing, as previously stated. They dress up a little more because they’re plain, but they’ll still look great with jeans.

  • Wingtip boots

Identical to regular wingtips. However, they extend above the ankle. They’re more informal than other brogue boots, so pair them with casual trousers or split suits.

Make sure to reach out to us at Dolce Vita Leather and Fashions to check out some exclusive men’s handcrafted wingtip oxfords shoes.

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